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What Causes Phelgm?

There are a number of things that can cause phelgm. The obvious culprits range from colds and flus to allergies from food, pollen, pets or dust. Really, any kind of allergy can cause a build up of phlegm in the throat or lungs.  Talk hot tea for phlegm How To Get Rid Of Phelgmabout an annoying side effect huh? I have personally suffered from phlegm due to a couple of these things. One big cause for me is when I eat a large amount of foods that contain gluten.

Phlegm is also caused by diseases, disorders or respiratory system conditions. These conditions can affect the throat, nose, bronchial tubes, lungs and windpipe. One of the most common causes of phlegm is a bacterial or viral infection of the lungs or upper airways.  The lungs have a thin layer of mucus on them and when there is an infection present, the body will produce additional mucus to protect the lungs from it. As a result, the additional mucus must be dispelled from the lungs through coughing and hacking to keep the airways clear. It usually does not result in a very pleasant sound or experience for the person doing it. But it is often necessary and just one of the many body functions that we all must deal with.

To get more details on the common causes of phlegm, head over to Causes of Phlegm

Ways To Get Rid Of Phlegm

There are a lot of great methods that you can use to get rid of phlegm, although they may not all work for you. Try some of these methods and see what works best. However, the best  way to get rid of phlegm is to never get it, so if you can pin point the cause of your phlegm, you may be able to stop it at its source. If the cause of your phlegm is related to a disease or sickness however, it is a little difficult to prevent, so hopefully these methods can bring you some relief.

Lemon and Honey – Mix approximately 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey into a cup of hot water. The lemon will break down the mucus while the honey will help to soothe the throat.

Drink hot liquids – Hot water, hot water mixed with a little salt, hot tea and hot soup are all good options that will break up the mucus in your throat.

Inhale Steam – Inhale steam from a bowl of boiling water or a hot shower to help loosen up the phlegm in your throat.

Take Allergy Meds – If you are experiencing a build up of phlegm due to some sort of allergy, start taking an allergy med such as claritin or Allegra to lessen the symptoms and your bodies reaction to the irritants.

Avoid Irritants – Peanut Butter, Chocolage, Bread and Milk are all irritants that can cause a build up of mucus. Keep these out of your diet and you should notice a decrease in the severity of your phlegm and mucus build up.

Phlegm Sucks!

If you have suffered from phlegm for any extended period of time you know just how bad it is and how much you just want relief from it. There are a lot of options for relief, but you have to figure out your causes, what makes it worse and what methods will actually offer you relief. I will be sharing many more home remedies for phlegm in future articles and hopefully you will read one here that brings you the relief you want so badly.

I can relate because I have suffered from some pretty severe cases of phlegm build up in my lungs before and I know just how painful, annoying and frustrating it can be. I will be sharing all of my research and findings here in future articles, so check back often. You CAN find relief.

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